Nos véhicules

UMM 4x4
Tuk Tuk 3 People
Electric Tuk Tuk
Electric Jalopy
All-terrain convertible for up to 7 people plus driver:

Experience the freedom of feeling the wind in your hair while you and your family or friends explore the wonders of Sintra aboard our exclusive convertible. With room for up to 7 passengers, plus your expert driver, you'll enjoy an exhilarating journey in style. Feel like true road stars as you explore every stunning corner of this stunning destination.

Tuk Tuk for 3 people plus driver

On board our intimate tuk tuk, you and your partner or close friends will have the opportunity to discover Sintra in a unique and exciting way. With cozy seats for up to 3 people, in addition to our experienced driver, you will be able to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, explore narrow streets and be enchanted by the authenticity and charm of the destination. Get ready for an intimate and unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting mark on your hearts.

Electric Tuk Tuk for 6 people plus driver: (Maximum speed 30 Km/h)

Enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly journey with our spacious electric tuk tuk. With capacity for up to 6 passengers, in addition to our experienced driver, you and your group will have a unique and conscious experience when exploring Sintra. Leave environmental concerns behind as you venture down narrow lanes, enjoy panoramic views and connect with the surrounding nature. Feel good about yourself and the planet by choosing this green and stylish transport option.

Electric coaches for 7 people plus driver: (Maximum speed 25 Km/h)

If you're looking for a retro experience with a modern twist, our electric jalopies are the perfect choice. With capacity for up to 8 passengers, in addition to our experienced driver, you and your group will have a nostalgic adventure through the charming streets of Sintra. Immerse yourself in the vintage atmosphere, admire the picturesque landscapes and share laughter and memories with your loved ones aboard these charming vehicles. Get ready for a fun and stylish ride!

Van with 9 seats plus driver:

For larger groups who want to explore Sintra together, our spacious 9-seater van is the perfect choice. With ample space to accommodate up to 9 passengers, plus an experienced driver, you'll enjoy comfort and convenience as you venture through all the wonders that Sintra has to offer. Let us take care of all the details while you and your friends or family relax and enjoy the journey. Share laughs, stories and special moments aboard this versatile van. Ensure a memorable experience for your group by booking our 9 seater van now.