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What is our commitment to you?

At Sintra Portugal Tours, we stray off the beaten path so you can have an unforgettable experience, connecting you with the soul of Sintra in a way only locals know. With our team of passionate and knowledgeable local guides, we ensure you carry the true essence of Sintra in your heart. You'll visit the secret spots where local teenagers walk and explore, revealing an authentic and vibrant Sintra that few have the chance to discover.

Alex (Rasta) and André, Guides of Sintra Portugal Tours
Alex (Rasta) and André, Guides of Sintra Portugal Tours

Let's take a look together at a Dream Tour.

In the morning

Sintra Mountain Range and its monuments

Town of Sintra - National Palace - Moorish Castle - Pena Palace - Quinta da Regaleira - Seteais Palace - Monserrate Palace

We begin our exciting tour in the charming historic center of Sintra, where the majesty of the National Palace of Sintra stands as a witness to bygone eras. We will stroll through the medieval village, exploring its picturesque cobbled streets filled with unique shops offering a variety of artisanal souvenirs. Our first stop will be at the famous Piriquita pastry shop, with over 400 years of tradition, where you can taste the delicious travesseiros and queijadas, the typical sweets that capture the authentic flavor of Sintra.

We continue our tour ascending towards the highest part of Sintra, to the impressive viewpoint of Santa Eufémia. From here, the hermitage becomes the starting point for a unique visual experience. You will enjoy a panoramic view that encompasses the entire municipality of Sintra, with the majestic Pena Palace and the imposing Moorish Castle on the horizon. This will also be our first contact with the natural reserve, surrounded by the serenity of its lush trees and the exuberant vegetation that characterizes this region.

We descend towards the charming Kissing Park, also known as Parque de la Look out point, where a spectacular panoramic view of the Sintra natural reserve awaits us. From this point, we enjoy a unique perspective of the majestic Pena Palace and the imposing Moorish Castle, surrounded by the lushness of the mountain range. After appreciating these views, we head towards the Pena Palace via the picturesque Carretera da Pena. Along the way, we'll make a stop at the historic Sabuga Fountain, known for its medicinal water beneficial for the stomach and skin. We'll pass by the impressive National Palace of Sintra, houses with over 300 years of history, and several viewpoints offering incredible views of the Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle.

Next, we head to the other side of the mountain to explore three of Sintra's most fascinating treasures: the enigmatic Quinta da Regaleira, the elegant Seteais Palace, and the charming Monserrate Palace. We'll make stops at each of these places, where stunning views and corners of incomparable beauty within the natural reserve await us. At Quinta da Regaleira, you'll discover mystical gardens and the famous Initiation Well. Seteais Palace will surprise you with its neoclassical architecture and panoramic views of the mountain range. Finally, at Monserrate Palace, you'll be captivated by its exotic gardens and the harmony between art and nature.

Time to eat!

Indulge in the delightful gastronomic experience awaiting you on our tour! Starting at 12:30 pm, we offer you three options for lunch: the charming Apeadeiro restaurant in Sintra, the picturesque Loureiro restaurant at Praia das Maçãs, or the authentic Toca do Júlio restaurant near Cabo da Roca. Where would you like to enjoy an unforgettable meal? Let's explore what each restaurant has to offer together (between 20 and 30 Euros per person)

Restaurante Apeadeiro

Traditional Portuguese cuisine restaurant located in Sintra Village

Restaurante Loureiro

Fresh seafood and typical Portuguese fish dishes at Praia das Maçãs.

Restaurante Toca do Júlio

Traditional Portuguese cuisine restaurant near Cabo da Roca.

In the afternoon

Sintra Coast and Cascais

Azenhas do Mar - Apple Beach - Aguda Beach - Adraga Beach - Cabo da Roca - Malveira da Serra - Guincho Beach - Mouth of Hell - Cascais

We leave behind the Sintra mountain range and head towards the stunning coast, starting with the charming Praia das Maçãs, a perfect spot to enjoy the sea and sun. We continue to the picturesque village of Azenhas do Mar, where white houses cling to the cliffs and offer spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, we explore the tranquil and hidden Praia da Aguda, north of Sintra, a corner of serenity surrounded by natural beauty. Each of these stops offers us a unique coastal landscape and the opportunity to appreciate the diversity and majesty of the Sintra coast.

We continue our journey towards the iconic Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe, where the Atlantic Ocean stretches infinitely before your eyes. But before reaching this north-to-south journey, we will visit Praia da Adraga and the simple yet charming villages of Almoçageme and Azoia.

After enjoying the breathtaking Cabo da Roca, we head towards Cascais, where you'll quickly notice the temperature difference. Along the way, we pass through Malveira da Serra, the picturesque Guincho Beach, and the imposing Boca do Inferno, before finally reaching our ultimate destination in Cascais.

End-of-tour cocktail

At the end of the Tour we stopped to have a cocktail in one of the most beautiful places in Cascais (Casa da Guia), next to the sea and with impeccable weather. Immerse yourself in the magic of this moment while enjoying stunning views and relaxing in an unparalleled atmosphere.

Why Sintra Portugal Tours?

Complete and Relaxing Experience: 

We don't queue to enter the palaces. Our tour guarantees that your group enjoys a complete and unhurried experience wherever we go.

Skip-the-line ticket purchase:

If you decide to visit the palaces, we will buy the tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line.

Flexibility in the Itinerary:

The tour is designed so that you do not have to enter the palaces and can take advantage of a few hours on the beach, but if you want we can organize tickets to wherever you want instead of bathing in the sea.

The tour avoids traffic 

We navigate the roads outside of peak hours, ensuring an uninterrupted and fully enjoyed visit to Sintra.

With our tour, you make the most of your time

It would be impossible to see all of Sintra, its beaches, and Cascais in just one day without us.

Expert Local Guides:

Spirited tour guides dedicated to providing detailed information and personalized attention, ensuring that each member of the group enjoys and learns.

What can our customers expect from us?

Our customers can expect a team of dedicated professionals committed to making their day in Sintra the most original and fun of their vacation. Our tour is designed for you to feel every corner of Sintra at ease, without rushing, and with meticulous planning that guarantees a fully personalized experience. You will enjoy a tour designed to maximize enjoyment, always making the best decisions at every moment, and ensuring that every detail contributes to an unforgettable day, full of discoveries and special moments.

A couple of fun moments with Rita and Pedro 😍

Matheus with a lovely Mexican family 🇲🇽


"Incredible experience with Sintra Portugal Tours! From the majestic Palacio da Pena to the pristine beaches, every moment was magical. Thank you for an unforgettable adventure!"

Yuki Nakamura (Japón)

"Incredible experience with Sintra Portugal Tours! From the majestic Palacio da Pena to the pristine beaches, every moment was magical. Thank you for an unforgettable adventure!"

João da Silva (Brasil)

"What a fantastic gastronomic experience! Lunch at the Loureiro restaurant by Praia das Maçãs was the highlight of our tour. Delicious food with stunning views!"

Emily Thompson (Canadá)

Our vehicles 


Full day

  • Hotel pickup and return included.
  • Transportation included.
  • Local and specialized tour guide included.
  • Bottles of water for the journey included.
  • Palace tickets are not included in the price. If you intend to enter any palace, please inform us in advance so we can purchase the tickets to avoid queues and organize schedules. (Pena Palace - €20, Quinta da Regaleira - €12, Moorish Castle - €12, Monserrate Palace - 12€)
  • If you decide not to enter any palace, bring your swimsuit and towels as we will take advantage of the opportunity to sunbathe and take a dip at a beach of your choice.
  • Tour guide speaks: Portuguese / English / Spanish / German / French.

  • 1 to 2 People €330 / 3 to 4 People - €390 / 5 to 7 People €450
    *Maximum group size 7 people.

    Let's take a glimpse of Sintra through the eyes of a "Sintrense".

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